We’re always looking to hear from individuals with valuable insights to share with our curious and dedicated readers seeking new knowledge and opportunities.

If this sounds like you, please get involved today.

Here are the general formats we’d like for stories:


We want your interviews with the world’s best and brightest planners, venue owners or just about any other important industry stakeholder. Real questions. No puff pieces.

Service Journalism

Take us on a tour or give us a guide to some locations. Whatever, Be informative. Be authoritative. Write it in a fun and accessible way.

Opinion Pieces/Personal Essays

Be edgy and be honest or you can be totally evasive, it doesn’t matter. Either way you’ve got to have a unique voice and a fresh perspective. This is not a space for opinions you heard from a cable news pundit or on a daytime talk show. Extra points if the opinion is topical. Make it urgent.

Weekly Digest

Wrap up a quick review on the activities and state of the meetings and events industry worthy of mention for the week, attach the right links and spice it with a teaser of what to expect the next week.

Short Features

A good short feature should be about something our readers need to know about RIGHT NOW. Must have multiple points of view—real reporting.

Longer Features

These are stories that need space for in-depth reporting and multiple perspectives. A good pitch will include a vision for how you intend to report this story. Who do you have access to? Who don’t you have access to? We work together to make these happen.


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We’ll get in touch to discuss terms if we choose to publish your contribution.